to Aug 31

Summer Specials

New pricing for Vivace Microneedling with radio frequency! call us to inquire

20% off Smart Facial with Geri

$10 off Dermaplaning with Raye

20% off new skincare service with Barb

Introducing new services at Smart Studio

Skinwave Aqua Delivery System- deep cleanse with AHA and BHA , led light therapy to target aging and acne concerns, electoporation to open your pores to accept infusion of hyaluronic acid, microcurrent to lift and tone your facial muscles. All for just $150

Botox Facial - painless microneedling deliver system to infuse botox and other customized ingredients just below the skin surface to give your skin a healthy glow and reduce pore size. $550-650 per treatment

Summer Ready in a Bag — Special Promotion - ColorScience Sunforgetable SPF 50 physical sunscreen body and Brush On for face, Lip Shine gloss with SPF 35 all in a great little bag — $151 value for only $98!

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